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PureSkin EpiLaseIce Platinum Laser Hair Removal



How long do treatments take?
Each treatment time is different and can vary between 15-45 mins.


How many treatments do I need to have?
Everyone is different and it all depends on your hair type but I recommend 6-8 sessions. 

Will it last forever? 
We can never say it will be 100% permanent forever as hormones change, but if your hair does grow back it will never be the same as before treatments started.


Where can I have laser done?
Laser can be done all over the body - top to toe!


Is it for men and women?
Yes both men and women can have laser hair removal.

Do you get ingrown hairs with laser?
No, laser will not encourage ingrown hairs. However if you suffer with ingrown hairs this will be something for you as the laser will help stop the hair from getting ingrown. 

How long does my hair need to be?
When you come in for your patch test you will need to come in with 4 weeks worth of growth so that we can assess what hair type you are and then you will shave 24 hours before treatments. You should NOT wax, tweeze or use hair removal cream when you are in the process of having treatment.

How much does it hurt on a scale of 1-10?
With EpilaseIce you do not get any pain! Its revolutionary cooling system allows for virtually painless treatments, as temperatures are kept constantly at -5c, ensuring an enjoyable treatment for you.

Do you get left with any marks?
No you will be left with no marks.

Is it true you can only laser dark hair?
No this is false - with EpilaseIce you can laser all hair types on all skin types. 


Can I go on holiday straight after having a treatment?
Yes you can - we recommend that you have the laser done 7 days before going on a hot holiday. We also have to wait 14 days after your holiday before we can laser again.

How often do I have a treatment?
You will have the first 2 treatments 2 weeks apart and then after you will have them once a month. 

Where can I find the prices?
You are able to find all the prices on our website here

When will I start to see a difference in my hair?
You should start to see a difference in your hair growth and type after 2-3 treatments.

More information about our laser hair removal, treatment areas and prices

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